Heart Cooks Brain

by Dirty Charlie

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released January 28, 2013

recorded and mixed by Chris Brownbill
mastered by Carl Saff
artwork by Eloise Franks
borrowed quotations from Leonard Taylor and Isaac Brock
all music created by Dirty Charlie



all rights reserved


Dirty Charlie Brisbane, Australia

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Track Name: Daughter Hole
Welcome down to the daughter hole, where every sweet lass is a golden goal. And all existence will be buried. Sweet and savvy cemeteries.
Track Name: Leonard Taylor
My entire life having had, having known, being lucky enough to know a person to learn from. Blood relations more important than most, a dignifying moment I like to collate, collect close. With every dose of air, and every strand of hair. I can remember every single moment spent.
Next to the man with the calculator in his head.
Track Name: Betty Angel
You have played part in sewing my heart and I thank you from the bottom of my soul. Time ticking hasn't broken you from now to then only stronger are you two. In existence only a few, of you, the two. I wonder how long I can wander, looking up chasing the dead romantic dreams. I will think of the Taylor that found an Angel and tied her up at the seams. Half a century you are the definition of love to me.
"Look at me, all you people. And remember this will be your history."
Track Name: A Coward's Shower
Everything is happening at the exact right time, I'm trying to go to sleep so I don't loose my mind. I'm feeling feelings that I thought I couldn't feel, I'm believing in no beliefs but believe me I am real. Sunshine happiness and I am fucking high, watch me spit myself straight up into the sky. I'd rather die. Well we know I've plastered those disasters all over the page, like she welcomed those males all over her face. Sweet and sour, minutes to hours. I've definitely ridden that taste. A beaten coward, ruthless and showered. You're just another dead flower in an empty vase. I honestly wish I could say that I enjoyed the chase.
Track Name: Spunk Spitting
I've created my own trophy scars, disaster after over and again. My words have been said and time's been spent trying to mend a broken head. All veins are like roads heading to home in search for the desperate heart to start the fucked up travel. Well, manipulative story for sanity to unravel, death to my head. Your broken home past has gone too far, too far gone.
Blue stars in the eyes of the birth till death, I've opened my head whilst you've welcomed the end. For you my selfish friend. Instead of seeing you fly, I'm fucking saying goodbye. Please just lay down and die.