Animal Soup EP

by Dirty Charlie

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released May 14, 2012



all rights reserved


Dirty Charlie Brisbane, Australia

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Track Name: Obcestpool
Stomach sickness, shouldn't I be used to this. Mind manipulation. Well, my broken confidence is really nothing to compare with and I know all too well that I'm not the only motherfucker left in the sea. Take me down, bury me in the ground. Bury me inside of you.
Track Name: The Comfort Song
Sappy, crappy, good for nothing, piece of shit, fucked up love song. I have spent my soul on you and now looking back at what we've been through there is no fucking point in what I am about to do. I'll stick my dick in a few just to work out all I want is you.
Track Name: Consistant Indecent
... This consistency of human indecency.
Track Name: Rab for your Life
This fucking pain in my nuts, I'm fucked, I am stuck. I am forever in these fucking ruts. Fuck. Well I will cut my own throat with this voice. Noise of thoughts, always in rejoice. I am vexed, but I am never fixed. Tear down my wall. Burn down my mind.